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How to Transfer Loop Mobile Talktime Balance to Other loop Mobile

Loop Mobile Finally launch Talktime Balance Transfer Service for Loop mobile.Customers can now transfer talktime to friends,family members and others

How to transfer Talktime balance in Loop Mobile ?

1) Steps for talktime transfer via SMS 

For Donor(sender): 
For example TRANSFER 977XXXXXXX 10 to 50105

For Recipient:
SMS TT <Donor Mobile number> <Amount> to 50505

2) Steps for talktime transfer via USSD

For Donor:Dial *105#
Enter the recipient’s mobile number

Enter AmountFor Recipient: N/A
Note :-
  • Talktime transfer is applicable amongst Prepaid Loop subscribers only.
  • Only Subscribers who have completed more than 3 months in the network are eligible
  • The same would be applicable on Roaming as well i.e. if the recipient customer is on roaming and needs balance while on roaming, he could take the same from the donor who is at home. Balance Transfer should be possible also when both donor and recipient customers are on Roaming.
  • Maximum transactions allowed in a day/subscriber is 10.
  • Only core talktime can be transferred.
  • The customer can transfer an amount of Rs 10/Rs 20/Rs 30 /Rs 50 and a flat transaction fee of Rs 3 is charged on the donor.
  • P2P balance transfer will be available on SMS and USSD.


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